Nashville PR, LLC - Public Relations and Talent Agency
Nashville PR is a boutique Public Relations firm based in Middle Tennessee with a proven track record of RESULTS.
Nashville PR has a broad spectrum of experience in the world of publicity.  We've helped launch successful worldwide brands, coordinated major fundraisers and at the same time served the small business owner with grassroots campaigns that are smart and effective.
We always find a way...We go the extra mile....We over prepare and over deliver.... We consider every viewpoint and every detail.  We do our research and we know what to expect.  That is the brilliance of our firm.
Nashville PR also manages local talent and artists. We are selective with our clientele and know talent when we see it. Specializing in the world of reality television,we can help guide your dreams and make them reality.  Soon, we will have a special section devoted to our clients and their upcoming projects.
Are you considering hiring a public relations firm or talent agent in Nashville?  Are you looking for hands-on, all-in, personal service?  Then, look no or email to set up a confidential appointment
Public Relations and Artist Development takes energy, thought and creativity. You need a professional to do it right!
To create, develop, and execute an effective PR campaign, you need:
  • research
  • forethought
  • unique plan
  • media contacts
  • follow-through
  • sales skills
Anyone can release a press release, but few have the ability to follow through and “sell” YOU, your idea, new concept, new technique, BRAND or human interest story to the right people.
We understand how to write and release your story online and how to advance listings on search engines.  Social Media is essential and we are active on numerous Social Media sites such as:  Myspace, Facebook, Diggit, Reddit, and Delicious and Twitter
We know how to make sure that casting producers understand your strengths and we work HARD to get you through each stage of casting.  We can sell YOU better than you can sell yourself to a casting director or producer.   
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